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Lessons in Sewing.

Ages 8 - Adult

All Courses are 1 hour per week. Evenings and Saturdays.

In addition to the sewing skills learned and projects completed each registrant will complete one ACommunity@ project with the skills learned at each appropriate level. The ACommunity@ project will be decided upon at the beginning of each level and donated to a charitable organization in consideration with the project chosen.

i.e. - Level I - Children of Chernobyl - Fleece Mittens

Each registrant will be provided with a supplies list and will be required to purchase the supplies prior to the beginning of each course. Included in each course will be instruction and use of sewing machines. If you prefer to learn on your own machine feel free to bring it, however, the cost of the course remains unchanged. All other supplies will be the responsibility of each registrant.

If interested please call (918)683-5143.

Sewing Curriculum

Skills Learned:

Level 1 Beginner

4 weeks


Prerequisite: None

1-0Learn theSewing Machine

1-1Blanket& Tote

1-2Playtop& Playskirt

Straight LinesLearning Tools and EquipmentCut Out Patterns

Level 2 Easy

4 weeks


Prerequisite: Level 1 or equal experience

2-1Skirt& V-top



2-2Pants& T-top



2-3Shorts& R-top



Straight and Curved SeamsPressing CurvesMatching Notches

Level 3 Knits

6 weeks

Prerequisite: Level 2 or equal experience

3-0Learn theSerger



3-1Shorts& Tank



3-2Pants& Bigshirt



3-3Skirt& Croptop



3-4Bike Shorts& Sport Top



Knit SeamsDifferent Elastic MethodsSerger Use

Level 4 Basic

6 weeks

Prerequisite: Level 3 or equal experience

4-1Nightshirt& Robe


4-2Pocket Pants& Scoop-neck Top


4-3Shorts& Vest


PocketsFacing with Interfacing and Under-stitchingFlat Fell Seams

Level 5Intermediate

6 weeks


Prerequisite: Level 4 or equal Experience




5-2Princess SeamDress






5-4Fly FrontTrouser




Level 6

Advanced & Heirloom Sewing

8 weeks


Prerequisite: Level 4 or equal Experience


Christening Gown or Day Gown for Baby




Victorian "T" Blouse



Plackets, Collars, Cuffs Lace Insertion

Smocking and Ribbon Embroidery by Machine