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I love my sewing machine!  I can never say this enough.


I love my computer!  I definitely can never say this enough


I love when I can use my sewing machine and my computer together to make some really fabulous outfits and projects that I can share with everyone!  Although as everyone knows I am a little shy.  I do not like to take too much credit as God is the true creator of everything we do.

My sewing/embroidery machine is a Baby Lock ESI 2.  Not only does it do sewing but it does 4" x 4" embroidery designs.  Now I have a program that I downloaded for free that allows me to digitize and create my own designs!!  I can hardly wait to share some of them with you at a later date but for now I am still learning.  If you are wanting the program for yourself just go to my links page.

From this page there are some really neat sewing projects that are fairly simple but cute.   Check them out !

Is there something you would like to know?  I'd be happy to answer any questions!  Just send me an email by clicking on the mouse below!

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